Colour obsessed, Sydney based artist Alisha Rich was introduced to watercolour by her late grandfather Max.

“During their time apart, from London to Australia he would paint tiny watercolour landscape postcards to my grandmother . “ Rich
Inspired by the detail and love this shared , Rich’s work aims to deliver vibrant and emotive stories on the paper, sharing her intense subjects gaze through , primarily female heroines in her life.

Starting her creative career in window dressing at 17, Rich has been working in fashion for over a decade, her runway influences shown in the colour stories she creates.

Portraiture infatuation provides a new platform from the day to day creative work Rich continues in installations & styling.
Both sides of her creative lives feeding each other equally, inspired by new materials in tempory sculpture as much as mixing colours on the palette.
Addicted to passionate silent story telling in both her artwork and installations, Rich’s love of colour and drama sew together for an energetic balance to deliver to the audience.